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All vehicles offered on our website are not in our inventory and belong to private sellers and dealers from the USA, Canada and Europe. The prices and descriptions are identical to the sales prices and informations provided by the seller. We work exclusively as a broker, or reserve the vehicles for our international customers on request.

In German:

Alle hier angebotenen Fahrzeuge sind nicht in unserem Inventar und gehören privaten Verkäufern und Händlern aus den USA, Kanada und Europa. Die Preise und Beschreibungen sind mit den Verkaufspreisen und Angaben der Verkäufer identisch. Wir arbeiten ausschließlich als Vermittler, oder reservieren auf Wunsch das Fahrzeug für unsere internationalen Kunden.



The company’s origins began in 2010 in Oklahoma City / OK and relocated and expanded to Miami / Florida with the founding of AMC Classics llc in April 2014. AMC Classic Edition S.L was founded in 2021.

The main activity of the company is brokering and delivering classic and modern vehicles from the USA and Canada with additional optional services for the buyer up to the vehicle handover.

We are specialized in the Corvettes and Ford Mustang, as well as all other US American manufacturers. Through years of experience in the USA and working with the best in this buisness , we have acquired an exceptional and profound knowledge.

AMC Classics llc and AMC Classic Edition S.L does not have its own inventory and mainly acts as an agency between buyer and seller. In order to exclude the seller’s “AS IS” part of the contract, which is customary in the USA, the vehicle can also be purchased through AMC Classics llc.

Using our “Car Finder” contact form, we would like to ask you to describe your dream vehicle so that we can have a detailed idea of ​​your wishes. In the next step, we will offer you the right vehicle from our very selected owners and dealers. Finally we carry out a professional inspection for you.

We have been working with many of our top dealers for almost 10 years by checking their quality at regular intervals. We know every process, the mechanics, the workshops, the way of working and we have close personal contact with many of them. Regarding to this long-standing cooperation, we also have a significantly options for negotiating sales prices, which we gonna give to the buyer in full. Therefore we have no hidden commissions and additional costs. In addition, we offer you our various service packages up to the handover of the vehicle, which are also clear and understandable for you as the customer.

We´re looking forward supporting you with your requested vehicle!

Best Regards

Jochen Dech

AMC Classics llc & AMC Classic Edition S.L



Jochen Dech

Dear customers and prospects, ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to introduce myself to you personally with a short vitae . It shouldn’t be a curriculum vitae like an application, so I’ll make it to little story.

I was born in beautiful Hessen / Germany on February 20th, 1967 and spent my childhood in a small village about 50km north of Frankfurt. As a kid i had very little to do with US or vintage cars, except one or the other vehicle from the US soldiers who were stationed around the corner.

After completing secondary school, I learned the trade of mechanic, which I practiced until my own military service. In the following years there were some professional changes with the completion of a second professional training as an insurance salesman with an office in a local savings bank.

In the mid 90s, our first son was born and towards the end of the millennium our second son as well. Both have now completed a great school and professional training. Our marriage fell apart and on a day in 2010 I drove my youngest son to school on his 11th birthday. On the way back home, I saw a 2010 Camaro Bumblebee in a parking lot and noticed that a local car rental company was giving the car to customers. I ask without hesitation to rent the car fot this day. I was lucky and later i picked up my son from school whith this bullett on wheels. We had a great joyride and we still like to talk about this today. It all started!

After a few more days I decided to purchase the car and rent it out myself. A good decision, because I was entering in a completely new world and a few weeks later I was looking for another vehicle. In Oklahoma City I struck gold on US eBay on a original vehicle from “Fast and Furious”. It was a green Gran Torino 1972 Sportsroof. My doubts whether this was really a car from the famous movie were huge, but I decided to fly over to see the Gran Torino in person.. My doubts quickly became less, because it was really the vehicle from the blockbuster and even signed by the actors. I bought the Torino and shortly after we shipped it to Germany. After a few days in Oklahoma and a lot of thoughts, I decided to change my old life and founded the company “American Classic Cars Oklahoma” with the seller of the Gran Torino.

From this day on I learned more about US cars and faster than I ever thought I could. This was followed by participation in various US television shows (about Classic Cars) and lectures at dealers in the USA. The new life I chose was filled up with classic cars, television appearances, shows, auctions and I got to know many famous personalities whom I only knew from movies befor. The day could have been 36 hours and not everything would have been accommodated. I flew and drove countless miles afterwards to learn from the best in the business in the USA. and Canada.

In 2014 I separated from my business partner and after some conversations with customers and my family, I decided to do it my own way and founded “AMC Classics llc” in Miami on April 6, 2014. I had learned my craft from the best and now it was time to develop it. A few up and downs came on which i never thought it could happen. But giving up was never been an option. All the things I learned in the years before, worked out perfectly and i became a highly expert in the business. Now it’s been 10 years in this extraordinary life and passion and sometimes I can hardly believe how quickly the time has passed.

But every vita in a life is not always characterized by highs, successes and the famous pat on the back. The depths and mistakes are also part of it and the question how can you move on. It is always important to me to look ahead without forgetting the less successful times. This is why I work hard every day for all my clients.

The idea and coincidence 10 years ago has turned into a great passion for something very special. This is true to this day and it always will be.

Best regards

Jochen Dech

AMC Classics llc / AMC Classic Edition S.L




Pictures and video from the filming days for the series “Car Chasers”

There were a total of five episodes in which I was allowed to be part of the US series for classic cars. An extraordinary experience. Thanks to Jeff Allen, Megan, Perry, Jay and everyone who made this possible! I was extremely nervous on the first day of filming.

Here you can see one of the episodes from the show. I have to admit I had a little more weight :-)!


Selling one of Elvis’ Cadillacs

One of the highlights was sellings of one of the famous Elvis Cadillacs. A very great honor. Thanks to John Sherman and his whole team.

Jochen Dech von „ACCO American Classic Cars Oklahoma” verkauft den Cadillac von Elvis!




Annual Reports / USA

For your information, we have made our Annual Reports (company registration) of AMC Classics llc available for you.

amc-classics-llc- Annual Report 2020
AMC Classics llc - Annual Report 2019
AMC Classics llc - Annual Report 2018
AMC Classics llc - 1. Annual Report 2014 / Miami - Gründung
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